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Creating High-End, Financial Tools for {{::sessionProfile.organization.name}} Everyone

"The Most Disruptive FinTech Companies of 2015"

-Modern Trader Magazine

Tiingo is a financial data portal built because we believe you deserve better.

We've spent years building this platform because we want to empower you with the same financial tools enjoyed by hedge funds and banks, and to innovate these tools in a direction that benefits all.

Built by former hedge fund traders and researchers, we've created tools unlike anywhere else and at a price point many consider ridiculous.

We like ridiculous.

Our Philosophy

Actively Do Good

Finance seems to have this habit of screwing people over. We don't like that.
By allowing you to set the price, our mandate becomes to serve you.

Your payments are our only method of monetization.

We don't serve ads. We don't sell your information

Innovate, Integrate, Be Helpful

A small sample of our philosophy at work

Complete list of Features

    Stocks, ETFs, and Mutual Funds

  • 35,000+ tickers supported; including 3,000 Chinese Equities
  • Snapshot pages with the latest prices, metrics, graphs, and company descriptions
  • Live news feeds with clickbait detection
  • 10+ years of fundamental data for over 9,000 tickers; in tabular form and plottable (6,500 US, 3,000 Chinese)
  • Unparalleled dividend data made fully transparent through Tiingo's Open Data Initiative **
  • Comparative metrics to get the context behind numbers
  • Price graphs that allow for comparisons across tickers, technicals, and price resampling
  • Custom statistical calculations: beta, correlation, and return resampling


  • Portfolio tracking with live news feeds, intraday price updates, and breakdowns of portfolio positioning
  • Scenario analysis (backtests) including volatility, VaR, and other risk metrics with different types of visualizations
  • Statistical calculations including: cross-asset correlations, portfolio correlation, and portfolio beta


  • Novel take on the UI of a stock screener to one that captures the idea of workflows
  • Ability to create custom screening metrics (including calculations on those metrics, e.g. Net_Income.sum(4) will sum the past 4 quarters)
  • Simply click on a stock to quickly get a "snapshot" of the stock to learn more, without ever leaving the screening page
  • Access to data not available anywhere else, like a stock's weight within an Index
  • Integrates into your portfolio to calculate the correlation of each stock to your current portfolio
  • Save custom metrics and screens to quickly reference them in the future
  • Ability to export results to CSV/Excel


  • Real-time chatrooms for every ticker, including the ability to make private chats
  • A reputational system (click on a username) to prevent spam and unconstructive, misleading comments
  • Memorialize any educational conversation into a "Tiinglet" to share with others


  • Podcasts that are meant for the total newbie to the professional (from What is a Stock? to Risk Parity Strategies)
  • Top of iTunes Investing/Business with 60+ 5-star reviews

    Labs - One-off or experimental features

  • Risk Parity calculator exploring recent trends in quantitative hedge funds - not available anywhere else online
  • ** Tiingo Open Data Initiative is being formed to open source our data curation and create a "clean" price source that uses our data cleaning algos to provide consistent and accurate prices. You can see a preview of this on our dividend page for AAPL. If you hover over the binoculars, it will show you a screenshot of where in the press release the number came from. Audit us!


Bloggers, News Agencies, and FinTech Companies

Our news feeds are some of the most powerful around. Using the latest methods and innovation in language analysis, we can structure and parse out companies within articles and blogs others news feeds miss.

If you would like to be included in our news feeds, or license them within in your own app/site, please read the below.

If you are a blogger or publisher and would like your blog/agency included in Tiingo's feeds, please E-mail us at: Feeds@tiingo.com. We do not believe in making bloggers or news agencies publish on our platform. We link directly to your site or blog, allowing you to maintain your readership and community.

If you are a FinTech company or institution and would like access to our news feed's API, please E-mail us at: Licensing@tiingo.com.


Education is a core component of our ethos

If you are an academic or private institution dedicated toward teaching finance, investing, or markets - we offer tools to help you monitor and keep track of your classrooms to facilitate learning.

Our goal is to give educators the tools to monitor their students portfolios, performance, and risk decisions. If you want to make your class competitive, we also allow you to set trading competitions, complete with features like transaction costs, slippage, and trade limitations.

For more information, please E-mail us at: education@tiingo.com.


Rishi Singh


Rishi started off running computational chemistry experiments at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in high school. By the time he entered University, he co-founded an open-source chemistry tool that became used worldwide by both commercial chemists and academic institutions. The tool was also used to teach classes at Universities such as Georgetown, Penn State, Florida State, etc. This program disrupted a commercial vendor charging $500k/license to big pharma. He also authored and worked on studies related to cholesterol-binding proteins.

Following NIH, he worked for a start-up funded by a famous hedge fund manager alongside two others who, in their free time, nurtured Rishi's interest in trading. Rishi soon after found himself on Wall Street acting as both an exotics trader and treasuries trader. After briefly working at a bank, he joined a quantitative hedge fund as the first employee. There he built trading models and also the technical infrastructure behind the fund. They all did well, realizing a sharpe of 2 and growing AUM 5-fold.

After leaving the fund to think of his next venture, he mentored under a market wizard and experimented within a few ideas until he fell in love with Tiingo. Having bought the Tiingo.com domain many years ago, and having built both a financial literacy and trading software company in University (The Collegiate Investor and The Singhing Trader), he decided to go bigger and re-envision our approach to financial tools. Rishi, from the onset, decided a core tenant of this platform would be to "Actively Do Good" and be accessible to all.

Rishi feels awkward about using the third person, but continues to do it because it seems like he's supposed to. He's a bit of a boring guy who lives and breathes Tiingo and trading, but in his spare time Rishi volunteers his time to help career counselor those trying to break into finance. If you're in NYC, drop him a line at Rishi@tiingo.com. He sometimes plays DotA, but his MMR is pretty awful.