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How to integrate Tiingo API Data and AmiQuote/AmiBroker


This article will guide you through how to set up Tiingo API data with AmiQuote and AmiBroker. AmiQuote and AmiBroker are software tools that allow you to programmatically download stock market data from the Tiingo API and run backtests on the data with your own defined trading strategies. It helps remove some of the complexity from backtesting trading strategies.

Both of our historical End-of-Day Stock, ETF, and Mutual Fund Data as well as our IEX Real-time Stock Data can be used with AmiQuote and AmiBroker. Read below for more information.

How to Integrate Tiingo Historical End-of-Day Data with AmiQuote

Step 1. You will need your API token.

If you haven’t made an account with Tiingo.com yet, please do. It’s free to make an account. Once you make your Tiingo Account, you can get your API token here: 


Your token is the long string of random numbers and letters:


Copy and paste that token for step 3.

Step 2. Open AmiQuote and go to Tools -> Settings


Step 3. Paste your Tiingo API token from Step 1 into the box labeled “Tiingo API Auth Token” in the bottom right corner


We recommend checking “Use CSV format”

Step 4. Optimize the configuration.

We also recommend changing the number of simultaneous downloads to 5 if you have a fast internet connection and modern computer. This will result in faster downloads


Step 5.  Save the configuration and Download Data

Press “OK” in the top right corner to save your settings then choose “Tiingo Historical” from the dropdown of data sources in AmiQuote:


You’re all set!

How to Integrate Tiingo IEX-Realtime Data with AmiQuote

To set up AmiQuote/AmiBroker with Tiingo IEX Real-time data you must take the following steps. 

Step 1: Make sure to set up Tiingo with AmiQuote and AmiBroker using this article: How to integrate Tiingo and AmiQuote and AmiBroker

Tomasz has added IEX Historical Intraday as a user-definable source in AmiQuote

Step 2: Set up the user-definable source in AmiQuote

If you go to the top toolbar -> DataSource -> Import:

Then if you go to:

C:\Program Files\AmiBroker\AmiQuote\DataSources

and choose this file:

That should get you what you need. Now change the datasource to Tiingo IEX Historical, and you can use historical intraday bars.

Updated on July 1, 2023

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